Update on MOA -- Tentative Agreement

There are not any huge developments with regard to the memorandum of agreement (MOA). Nevertheless, here what is happening.
Last week, management provided a draft of the MOA. The Local 698 team is reviewing this, and those collective remarks will be communicated to management. It will take a few passes before a final document is ready for signature. Any disagreement on terms or interpretation can, of course, delay the process. When the MOA is signed, information will be issued to members prior to ratification meetings.

I know that when there is a void, people are quick to fill it with their own details. This can take on a life of its own as it has all over the Authority. Please, be patient. I cannot confirm or deny any of the speculation, at this time. What I can say truthfully is that the Local 698 Negotiating Team has worked hard, and feels that it is time that members voice their opinion by casting a vote.

In Solidarity and Always Fighting for You,

Liz Moran, President