Liz Moran


Since 2009, Liz Moran has served as your CSEA Local 698 President. Liz has just begun her 23rd year at DASNY. In 1999, she was hired as a consultant via Empire State College to develop and implement a training initiative for the entire organization. In January of 2000, Liz took a full-time position as the Staff Development Specialist (titled changed to Training Coordinator). In 2017, Liz was promoted to Senior Training Specialist, and in 2019 took the position of Senior Training Specialist.

In 2000, Liz delivered training all over the state providing training services to the then nearly 650 DASNY employees, as well as delivering training for New York State Governor’s Office of Employee Relations. Now, she continues to manage the training function at DASNY with the Construction Division being her main customer base. Among delivering training classes, Liz coordinates training classes and programs, develops training, manages DASNY University, develops WalkMe for PMWeb, and is a point person on the PMWeb implementation.

Liz enjoys being active with her union community serving on the CSEA Statewide Board of Directors (elected to represent State Authorities) and is a liaison to the Albany County Federation of Labor. Liz once served as the NYS President of the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW), as a National Board Member of CLUW, and as the President of the Capital District CLUW chapter. It’s not hard to see that she enjoys serving others. Liz has enjoyed volunteering for her church in a variety of roles.

When the spring, summer, and fall months are upon us, you can find Liz in her backyard gardening. She and her husband, David, have raised five girls, and now enjoy three granddaughters and a grandson. One of her greatest joys is her dogs, Benson, Claire, and Doug (everybody loves Doug)—oh, and her new kitchen (for which she works a part-time job to pay).

Why did Liz choose to serve Local 698 members? “I got mad. In 2009, I did not like the representation my colleagues in Local 698 were getting. I knew that we all deserved better. So, I ran, and I won. I knew that if I wanted change, I had to be the change agent. I work every day to help members address issues they face in the workplace. It is a tiring job, but not without its rewards. Since 2009, members have been quick to offer thanks and appreciation. Nothing is more rewarding than bringing folks relief, peace of mind, and a whole lot of tenacity!”

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Jim Sullivan

1st Vice President

Jim Sullivan is the 1st Vice President of CSEA Local 698. He is a NYS licensed professional engineer working in the Downstate Design department in the Construction Division. He is responsible for the design phase management and technical review of projects in the downstate region.  Jim has been with DASNY for seven years, and prior to joining was a consulting engineer in the private sector for over fifteen years.  Jim earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Manhattan College.

As an officer, Jim travels the State quite a bit, living in Region 3 (Putnam County), working in Region 2 (NYC), and frequenting Region 4 (Capital Region).  He is active in his local Catholic Church as a lector and eucharistic minister, as a minister to the homebound and those in institutions, and is also a member of his parish’s Knights of Columbus. Jim enjoys traveling, hiking, bicycling, and reading.

Jim was appointed in a special election in 2018 as 1st Vice President and was re-elected in 2021 and continues serving as 1st Vice President today.  I chose to serve for several reasons – being an officer allows me to meet co-workers and other union activists from across the state, allows me to be of service to others and gives me an opportunity to grow personally and give back what was so freely given to me.  I have an appreciation for what our union has won for us as I know what it’s like to beg, borrow and plead in the private sector. 

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Abdul Ibrahim

2nd Vice President

Abdul Ibrahim serves as the 2nd Vice President of Local 698. He joined DASNY in March of 2019. Prior to DASNY, Abdul was a Personal Banker at Citizen’s Bank. He has a Bachelor of Science in Economics earned at the University at Albany (UA). Abdul has lived in Albany since 2011. Abdul enjoys playing chess, basketball, and watching action movies. He has paused on some of these activities due to going back to school pursuing a degree in Software Engineering. 

Abdul is a Grant Administrator I, and his job includes collecting and reviewing required documentation needed to administer grant funded programs on behalf of the State of New York. 

Abdul was elected to serve as 2nd Vice President of CSEA Local 698 in 2021. He chose to serve as an officer because he is a huge believer of three major ideologies; “A closed mouth doesn’t get fed”; “It isn’t always what you know, it’s who you know”; and “there is strength in numbers.”  As individual employees of DASNY, our voices won’t get heard on matters close to us such as pay, safety concerns, or benefits. We don’t have the ear of management individually. Since we don’t individually have a direct connection with management to influence change, we must lean on each other by sharing our frustration/grievance with one another, then unite to help each other be heard. If not for the unity provided by the union, we would be non-existent in the eyes of management and force to accept less than what is deserved or needed to feel secure or whole in both our personal and work life. This devastating fact is why he serve.

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Michelle Rigney

3rd Vice President

Michelle Rigney is the 3rd Vice President of CSEA Local 698. She has been with DASNY for 20 years working in the Construction Division for her entire career. Michelle recently graduated with an Associates degree in Business Management using the AFSCME’s free degree program. Two years of night school was worth it! She has lived in the Capital District her entire life raising three kids. And now, her children are raising children of their own. One of Michelle’s favorite things is to work on my house.  I have taken down walls, epoxied a concrete countertop and rebuilt two new closets.  

Michelle was elected in 2013 as the Secretary. She chose to serve because she wanted to see what the union did from inside the organization. She served in this position for 8 years. She stepped away from the position to allow for someone else to get the experience I did. Michelle continued to serve the union as a Shop Steward, but she missed being part of the board. A vacancy became available on the board, and Michelle was invited to take the position of 3rd Vice President. Michelle wanted to work on the scholarship program and other duties as needed.  “I think everyone should get involved in being on the board, joining a committee or being a shop steward, it is a valuable lesson in how the union works for you”. 

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Jamie Bullock


Jamie Bullock is the Treasurer for CSEA Local 698. Jame has worked at DASNY for 18 years. After working in the Accounts Payable unit for 5 years, Jamie took a position in the Portfolio Monitoring unit in Public Finance where she stayed for three years. She was transferred to the Project Financial Administration team in the Construction Division where she has worked as Construction Program for the last 10 years.

During the early years of her DASNY career, Jamie completed her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at Union Graduate College utilizing DASNY’s tuition reimbursement program and applying for the CSEA Local 698’s Richard E. Hohn Educational Assistance Awards.

Outside of DASNY and CSEA, Jamie enjoys spending time with my husband and two children, Lincoln (11) and Audrina (8).  Jamie enjoys cheering on her children at various school, sporting, and musical events, as well as spending time outdoors and traveling.  

Jamie began her involvement with CSEA Local 698 in 2015 as a member of the Local 698 Audit Committee.  In 2021, Jamie was elected as the Treasurer. She chose to serve because she wanted to continue service to the union that has provided job security and many benefits over the years, including the benefits and wages negotiated by our CSEA Local 698 union representatives. Jamie encourages members to feel free to reach out with any questions or interest in joining!

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Jason Wiatr


Jason Wiatr is the Secretary of CSEA Local 698. Jason his career with DASNY in late 2005 as an Office Assistant at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn (Downstate Construction). After being transferred to Brooklyn College, Jason’s hard work paid off as he was promoted to Assistant Project Manager. He promoted again to Field Representative. While an APM, Jason took advantage of the tuition/training assistance program at DASNY to get a Certificate in Construction Project Management through Fordham University. 

Jason has lived in NYC his entire life, born in Brooklyn and now living in Manhattan. He received a Bachelor’s degree at Hunter College of CUNY. During his down time, you can probably find Jason and his wife walking their dog or may see him bicycling through Central Park. Married since 2007, his wife has supported and encouraged Jason’s work efforts which has helped him to make advancements while with DASNY.

When the position became vacant, Jason was appointment as the Secretary to the Local. Jason chose to serve to learn more about how we, the members, are represented. Jason has always believed that unions are the best way to hold companies accountable and being on the inside has only confirmed this thought. Jason has committed to always fighting for the rights of his union brethren to ensure that we are all treated fairly by management.

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Charles Barley

Labor Relations Specialist

Charles Barley is the Labor Relations Specialist for CSEA Local 698. Charles provides support to President Liz Moran in the handling of labor disputes and issues that arises within Local 698.

Since 2008, Charles D. Barley has worked as a Labor Relations Specialist for the Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) handling all aspects of collective bargaining in the public and private sectors, including small and large unit successor contract bargaining in numerous industrial sectors, school district merger negotiations, BOCES takeover accretions, and first contract negotiations.

Previously, Mr. Barley worked with CSEA’s Contract Administration department arguing State grievances with the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations and facilitating state agency labor-management relationships. Mr. Barley began his career with CSEA in 2002 as a Statewide Organizer, successfully organizing multiple new private-sector bargaining units. Organizing is his “first love,” having received his first job in the labor movement as an International Organizer with the Hotel Employees Restaurant Employees (“HERE”) on the Foxwood’s Indian Gaming organizing drive in 1999.

Mr. Barley holds a Bachelor’s degree from Binghamton University in Sociology. He received his Master of Science in Labor Studies from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

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