NYS Constitutional Convention

Constitutional Convention

No doubt, many of you have heard about the NYS Constitutional Convention. This November, New York voters will again vote whether or not to hold a state Constitutional Convention. The convention, or Con Con, as it’s known in political circles, is an opportunity to make long-lasting changes to New York’s state constitution. The vote to hold a Con Con happens every 20 years.

If a majority statewide votes “yes,” a constitutional convention will be set for the spring of 2019. The convention would be made up of elected delegates. Delegate elections would occur next year. These delegates would come together with unlimited abilities to propose amending the constitution in any and all ways they can agree upon. Any amendments approved by delegates would need to be ultimately approved by the voters. This is important to remember: No changes can occur to the constitution without statewide approval at the ballot box.

There are many, many arguments for and against a Constitutional Convention. CSEA and most other NYS unions are entirely against a Con Con, and are encouraging members and the public-at-large to vote NO.

The Con Con puts EVERYTHING at risk and on the chopping board. Not just our pensions and labor rights, but also issues that are very important to many — gun rights, reproductive rights, right to a fair/good education, protections for the Adirondacks, and so many other important items.

Do your best to read up on the Constitutional Convention. There are a myriad of websites to visit and a host of articles. Look up New Yorkers Against Corruption. That’s a good place to start.