Michelle Rigney

Michelle Rigney is the 3rd Vice President of CSEA Local 698. She has been with DASNY for 20 years working in the Construction Division for her entire career. Michelle recently graduated with an Associates degree in Business Management using the AFSCME’s free degree program. Two years of night school was worth it! She has lived in the Capital District her entire life raising three kids. And now, her children are raising children of their own. One of Michelle’s favorite things is to work on my house.  I have taken down walls, epoxied a concrete countertop and rebuilt two new closets.  

Michelle was elected in 2013 as the Secretary. She chose to serve because she wanted to see what the union did from inside the organization. She served in this position for 8 years. She stepped away from the position to allow for someone else to get the experience I did. Michelle continued to serve the union as a Shop Steward, but she missed being part of the board. A vacancy became available on the board, and Michelle was invited to take the position of 3rd Vice President. Michelle wanted to work on the scholarship program and other duties as needed.  “I think everyone should get involved in being on the board, joining a committee or being a shop steward, it is a valuable lesson in how the union works for you”.