Get Your CSEA ID/Member Number

In the coming weeks, members who are seeking to serve as a Local 698 officer will be obtaining member signatures on their petitions. A completed petition is necessary in order for that member to become an official candidate. In order to properly complete the petition, members must place their CSEA Membership Identification # on the petition.

You may have misplaced your card or perhaps you never received one. Well, we have a solution for you. Go to Create a login. Once you have logged into the website, go to the very top of the page where you will see a red box that says ‘Look Up Your CSEA ID’. You will be asked for some basic information. Once submitted, the system will display your membership information including your identification number. You can also, at this time, print the card.

Election Committee

Jennifer Burtch is the Chair of the Local 698 Election Committee. Susan Valente and Nicolas Vanderlaan-Meyering also serve on this important team. In a pinch, you can seek your membership number from each of these individuals, and you can find their contact information by using the DASNY Intranet directory.

NOTE: At no time can a potential candidate obtain this information from the Election Committee.