Ballots & Membership ID Numbers

Nearly 400 ballots have been mailed to eligible members giving you the opportunity to cast your vote on a new contract. Eligible voters will receive a large, brown/yellow envelope in the mail. It has the CSEA logo as the return address…you can’t miss it!

You will need your CSEA membership ID number in order to cast your vote. Many people have their cards. However, if you misplaced it, there is an easy way to get your number.

Go to At the top of the window on the CSEA, Inc. website, you will see a red banner button that says “Look up your CSEA ID!”. Select that button. Complete the information requested, and then submit. A new window will appear with your membership number. You will be able to print that as a wallet card for future reference.

If this does not work for you, please contact President Liz Moran @