Alternative Work Schedules Update

The Alternative Work Schedule Labor/Management Committee met earlier this month, and have a second meeting today. The immediate task of this committee is to review and revise past procedures and forms pertaining to this pilot program. That said, Local 698 representatives have heard your voices and is committed to ‘upgrading’ the program to allow for more flexibility and creativity with compressed work weeks schedules.

The past program limited hours worked to a pay week (37.5 hours). Employees are looking to enjoy flexibility for the entire pay period (75 hours). This can allow for variety of alternative work schedule scenario while maintaining an highly productive workforce.

Additionally, the team has opened the door for additional discussion regarding telecommuting. While this is an important issue and a work practice that is becoming widely used, this issue will not hinder our timeline for getting the new pilot program up and running.

Our intent is to launch the program very soon, and then continue with discussions regarding telecommuting options for the workforce.

Please be sure to extend a thank you and words of encouragement to Jamie Hewitt and Rich Buckey as they are working diligently to bring you this great negotiated benefit.