Alternative Work Schedules -- Available This Week

This week CSEA bargaining unit members and shop fee payers will receive an email, from DASNYs Human Resources unit, providing benefit information and availability for Alternative Work Schedules.

This negotiated benefit offers CSEA employees the option to modify your work schedule lending to a work-life balance. The pilot program options are an alternative work schedule, a compressed work week or a compressed pay period. The information that will be distributed provide the application, policy and procedures, as well as guidelines that will be helpful both to the supervisor and employee including eligibility criteria and guidelines.

This pilot program ends on March 31, 2021.

Please be sure to reach out to sister Jamie Hewitt (Information Services) and brother Rich Buckey (Upstate Construction) who have worked diligently on your behalf to bring this benefit to you. They have been instrumental in influencing and shifting a traditional management mindset opening the doors to meaningful and productive discussion about today’s work environment. We strongly believe that collaboration on issues that have a positive impact on our employee’s personal lives will result in a more productive and happy workforce.

Thanks to Jamie and Rich on a job well done!