CSEA’s Capital Region will award a scholarship to a 2017 graduating high school senior who plans to attend an accredited institution of higher education in New York State. The scholarship will be for $750.00.

This scholarship has been established in Dan Campbell’s memory. For almost 30 years he worked as a Communications Associate in CSEA’s Capital Region 4 Office. Dan was popularly known as the “Spokesman” for his high profile in the Capital District as the voice of CSEA and working families. His commitment to unionism as well as his personal values and character made him a beloved figure who still touches the lives of all who knew him. He was truly someone who would rather light a candle than curse the darkness.

To be eligible, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • A 2017 high school graduate.
  • A parent or guardian who is a member of CSEA’s Capital Region
  • Accepted to an accredited institution of higher education in NYS.

The applicant must submit a completed application form by May 10, 2017 to:

CSEA Capital Region
c/o Janet McKeon, Chair Education Committee
1 Lear Jet Lane, Suite 2
Latham NY 12110

Application must be accompanied by:

Note* If any of these items are missing, your application will not be considered.

  • An official transcript and SAT scores.
  • A short essay on the topic: Please choose a man or woman in Labor’s history and describe his/her impact on the present day labor movement.
  • Please include acceptance letter from college/university which states your curriculum.

Name Address ____________________________________________________

City, State, Zip Phone ___________ ____________________________________

Parent or Guardian _______________________ _E-Mail _____ ______________

Parent’s Employer _________________________________________________

Parents Signature _________________________________________________

High School _____________________________________________________

College________________________________________________________ _

Applicant’s Signature____ __ _________________________________________


Another Round of Negotiations takes place Today

On March 29th, your Local 698 Negotiation Team will meet with management to continuing discussions regarding the CSEA collective bargaining agreement. We expect to hear a financial presentation from Mike Corrigan and Caroline Griffin. In addition, we will get more information from management regarding some of their proposals.

Show Your Solidarity

Do you support a negotiation process that is fair and expedited? Are you seeking a contract that provides for fair salary/wage increases, sustains or increases our workplace protections, and recognizes the hard work of our union employees? Then we hope that you are wearing blue to support your Local 698 Negotiations Team in striving to accomplish for you. Remember to wear blue on Solidarity Days!

No?! It may be because of a few reasons. First, are you subscribed properly to the new website? If you have not already done so, go to http://csealocal698.com and select Register. Your information will be confirmed, and you will have access to all information posted on the website. PLUS you will get email notifications.

Next, download the CSEA Local 698 app. Go to your app store and download our app to any of your smart devices. Be sure to create an account, and you will typically get a confirmation within 48 hours. Then, you will have need-to-know information in the palm of your hand…including the contract!

Don’t forget — We’re On Social Media

You couldn’t possibly forget that you can stay connected with Local 698 and labor news by joining our Facebook group or connecting to us on Twitter.


In the coming weeks, members who are seeking to serve as a Local 698 officer will be obtaining member signatures on their petitions. A completed petition is necessary in order for that member to become an official candidate. In order to properly complete the petition, members must place their CSEA Membership Identification # on the petition.

You may have misplaced your card or perhaps you never received one. Well, we have a solution for you. Go to https://cseany.org. Create a login. Once you have logged into the website, go to the very top of the page where you will see a red box that says ‘Look Up Your CSEA ID’. You will be asked for some basic information. Once submitted, the system will display your membership information including your identification number. You can also, at this time, print the card.

Election Committee

Jennifer Burtch is the Chair of the Local 698 Election Committee. Susan Valente and Nicolas Vanderlaan-Meyering also serve on this important team. In a pinch, you can seek your membership number from each of these individuals, and you can find their contact information by using the DASNY Intranet directory.

NOTE: At no time can a potential candidate obtain this information from the Election Committee.