This week CSEA bargaining unit members and shop fee payers will receive an email, from DASNYs Human Resources unit, providing benefit information and availability for Alternative Work Schedules.

This negotiated benefit offers CSEA employees the option to modify your work schedule lending to a work-life balance. The pilot program options are an alternative work schedule, a compressed work week or a compressed pay period. The information that will be distributed provide the application, policy and procedures, as well as guidelines that will be helpful both to the supervisor and employee including eligibility criteria and guidelines.

This pilot program ends on March 31, 2021.

Please be sure to reach out to sister Jamie Hewitt (Information Services) and brother Rich Buckey (Upstate Construction) who have worked diligently on your behalf to bring this benefit to you. They have been instrumental in influencing and shifting a traditional management mindset opening the doors to meaningful and productive discussion about today’s work environment. We strongly believe that collaboration on issues that have a positive impact on our employee’s personal lives will result in a more productive and happy workforce.

Thanks to Jamie and Rich on a job well done!

The Alternative Work Schedule Labor/Management Committee met earlier this month, and have a second meeting today. The immediate task of this committee is to review and revise past procedures and forms pertaining to this pilot program. That said, Local 698 representatives have heard your voices and is committed to ‘upgrading’ the program to allow for more flexibility and creativity with compressed work weeks schedules.

The past program limited hours worked to a pay week (37.5 hours). Employees are looking to enjoy flexibility for the entire pay period (75 hours). This can allow for variety of alternative work schedule scenario while maintaining an highly productive workforce.

Additionally, the team has opened the door for additional discussion regarding telecommuting. While this is an important issue and a work practice that is becoming widely used, this issue will not hinder our timeline for getting the new pilot program up and running.

Our intent is to launch the program very soon, and then continue with discussions regarding telecommuting options for the workforce.

Please be sure to extend a thank you and words of encouragement to Jamie Hewitt and Rich Buckey as they are working diligently to bring you this great negotiated benefit.

During our endeavors to launch the new dental and vision plans (Solstice), we found unexpected administrative issues. The Employee Benefit Fund (EBF), the provider of the benefit, required additional contracts to be in place prior to DASNY offering the benefit. Local 698 and DASNY have been working diligently on this issue for the past few weeks.

DASNY now has a finalized Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in hand. We hope to have the MOA signed by both DASNY President Bushell, and CSEA Statewide President Donohue in the coming week.

When this occurs, Human Resources will email information to all staff regarding the available benefits. This is significant for those looking to retire soon. Remember, in order to be able to have dental and/or vision coverage in retirement, you must be subscribed to the Solstice plans 90 days prior to your last day of work.

Again, HR will push out details as soon as we have all signed documents. If you have questions, please contact Local 698 President Liz Moran (

All DASNY employees are invited to a New Year’s celebration on Saturday, January 13, 2018 in Albany, NY. Sponsored by CSEA Local 698, this party goes back to bring everyone together to have a good time! Our membership team has coordinated a phenomenal event. We are even grabbing a block of rooms because we are hearing of some many people who are coming from outside of the Capital Region. This will be a night to remember!

Be sure to RSVP with Michelle Rigney. Detailed information is contained in the attachment!

2018 New Years Celebration